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I am Hillary Morgan, President and Co-founder, along with my husband, Horace Morgan, of Mind Body & Soul Health Ministry Inc. My interest in the healthcare field began at an early age while I was attending elementary school in St. Ann, Jamaica.

I was first introduced to caring for others and supporting their well-being when my resourceful grandmother ministered to the sick and underprivileged using a holistic approach to healing. I realized that at this early age that physical well-being was associated to the spiritual, social and mental areas our lives. Hence the vision and mission for the birth of Mind Body & Soul; I had to carry on this legacy. Community development and public health are areas of focus for which I have a personal mission.

Consequently, I have worked as a volunteer for various church-based charitable enterprises in third world countries, as well as in the United States and have become increasingly familiar with the different health care models. These experiences, along with that gained from my personal practice, have allowed me to see the realities and need for quality improvement.

Over the past 11 years I have served in the island of Jamaica with other healthcare professionals who have donated their time out of their busy schedule. On our return each year we continue to see the positive results of our work in the improved health awareness and spiritual growth of those we serve. Come experience the joy, personal fulfillment and improved sense of well-being you will receive from giving of your time, resources and/or talent to the underserved in the community.

Mind body and Soul Health Ministry Inc., a 501(c) (3) organization, is managed by a non-paid board comprising of President Hillary Morgan, Vice- President Horace Morgan, Treasurer Lisette Heron, Secretary Marcia McKingley, and Director Veronica Whilby. All funds raised through our fundraising effort go directly to our missions and projects. There are four chapters of the Ministry, Tampa Bay, New Jersey, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale. Compassion for what we do is the primary quality needed to join our ministry.


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Our Mission

Give hope to those who need it most!


Our Mission is to  promote mental, physical and spiritual well-being with the community giving total glory to God. We work with those in need, those who are underprivileged, and those who are underserved to rebuild and restructure.


To provide a continuum of healthcare and educational services that promote healthy lifestyles combined with christian living.

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