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Alexandria Community Hospital Upgrade

In addition to our missions MBS have partnered with “The Patel Family Foundation”, a non-profit organization headed by Dr. Kiran Patel, to refurbish and upgrade the Alexandria Community Health Center to a Hospital status. The Alexandria Hospital will become a Center of Excellence and a model concept for other public/private partnerships throughout the island of Jamaica and improved healthcare services for the constituents of the community.  Alexandria Community Health Center was originally the Alexandria Community Hospital but was downgraded over 30 years ago to a clinic status providing limited outpatient services to the community.

Over the years the surrounding communities have grown and the need for a Hospital has increased drastically. Persons in the surrounding rural communities have to travel many miles to the nearest hospital in St. Ann’s Bay. Many patients have died because of the time it takes to get to the hospital and lack of funds for transportation to get to the hospital. Private doctors charge large sums that are out of the reach of persons in the rural communities and so many go without basic checkups and medical and dental care.

It is our intention to add diagnostic services, inpatient medical and maternal care, quality dental care, access to medicine and quality outpatient services free of cost or for minimal cost to the poor. We have entered into a Public- Private Partnership with the Government of Jamaica for the upgrade of the hospital infrastructure and services. This initiative is aimed at improving the medical and socioeconomic conditions that face the Alexandria Hospital community by:

1.    Improve healthcare for residents of the community

2.   Create more jobs

3.   Decrease morbidity rate, by decreasing travel time to other health facilities

4.   Decrease health risk impact for residents traveling to surrounding hospitals

5.   Provide a staple in the community where residents can have all their medical needs attended to

      with confidence.

6.   Improve the processes surrounding patient record management including:

     (i)   Minimize the risks of incomplete or lost medical records

     (ii)  Minimize the amount of clerical   redundancy

     (iii) More legible documentation

It is our goal to establish the Alexandria Community Hospital as a model for Centre of Excellence both in Health Care delivery and Public Private Partnership that can be replicated throughout the island of Jamaica.

The project includes the  reconstruction of the dental and pharmacy facility, the renovation of the maternity/inpatient facility, establishment of a diagnostic center, and concluding with the restructuring of ambulatory services.  Dental and Pharmacy services will be upgraded in Phase 1 of the partnership.   Chronic non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma and cardiovascular disorders are the main causes of morbidity in the area. Improved dental and pharmacy services will offer a more holistic medical care to combat the evidence based link between poor dental health and chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.The completed restorative work done to the dental area will further complement dental services that are currently being offered to include; restoration, prophylaxis, extractions and health education and promotion for both adult and children clients. 





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